Shareholder of DITSL GmbH

University of Kassel (40.75%)
The University of Kassel is a public corporation and maintains the Department 11 Ecological Agricultural Sciences at the Witzenhausen site. The University of Kassel and the DITSL work closely together in research, teaching and transfer projects. The scientific cooperation is regulated in a cooperation agreement. The University of Kassel is also the tenant of part of the DITSL properties (monastery, tropical greenhouse) on the Steinstraße 19 campus.   

Freundeskreis Wilhelmshof in Witzenhausen e.V. - Society for the Promotion of International Rural Development (40.98%)

The Freundeskreis Wilhelmshof is a non-profit association registered in the Register of Associations at the District Court of Eschwege under No. VR 1055 with its registered office in Witzenhausen. The association promotes international rural development ideally and materially by supporting special scientific commitment of students and teachers at DITSL and at Faculty 11 of the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen.

City of Witzenhausen (2.09%)
The town of Witzenhausen is a public corporation. Together with the DITSL, the town of Witzenhausen is the sponsor of the Witzenhausen Ethnological Museum Foundation. Within the framework of this foundation, the town and the DITSL cooperate and operate the museum on the Steinstraße 19 campus.

Werra-Meissner District (2.02%)
The Werra-Meissner-Kreis is a public corporation.

Witzenhausen University Association e.V.    (0,63%)
The Witzenhausen University Association HVW is a non-profit association registered in the Register of Associations at the Eschwege Local Court under No. VR 1042 with its headquarters in Witzenhausen. It sees itself as an alumni association of the Department of Organic Agricultural Sciences at the University of Kassel in Witzenhausen and its predecessor institutions and unites graduates, university members, students and supporters. It promotes teaching, research and student involvement at the Witzenhausen location. It supports the DITSL in publishing the scientific journal JARTS and itself publishes the alumni journal "unter uns"    
Philipps University of Marburg (0.16%)
Philipps-Universität Marburg is a public corporation and has held a share in the company since 1926, at that time in the Deutsche Kolonialschule, today in DITSL GmbH Witzenhausen as its legal successor in Witzenhausen. In addition, scientists from the DITSL and the University of Marburg are active in networks of tropical and development-oriented agricultural research in Germany (ATSAF, Tropentag) and are also jointly involved in the historical sciences.

Fabarius Heirs (0.16%)
Ernst Albert Fabarius was the founding director of the former German Colonial School, whose legal successor is the DITSL. His descendants still hold a company share worth €250.

Heirs Wiesmann (0.63%)

Heirs Spaeter (0.47%)

DITSL GmbH Witzenhausen (12.12%)
DITSL GmbH holds a portion of its company shares that originate from older redemptions from partly unclear ownership relationships or from more recent consolidations, inheritances, share transfers and repurchases of shares in free float.