DITSL is a non-profit limited liabilty company registered in the trade register Eschwege HRB 2005

Current statutes
» Version 11/06/2010

Previous versions of the statutes
» Version 04/06/2004

DITSL’s annual financial reports are subject to external audit and are published in the German electronic gazette:

Concerning access EU support programmes DITSL GmbH Witzenhausen does NOT classify as small or medium enterprise SME as per EU Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC. It has a balance sheet <€ 2°Mio, an annual turnover <€°2°Mio, and >10 and <50 staff, but >25% of shares are held by bodies/corporations governed by public law.

DITSL tax identification number
DE / 26 / 25 250 700 58

DITSL Value Added Tax Identification Number
USt.ID DE282213398

As non profit LLC DITSL is exempted from corporate and income tax
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Auditors reports
» Auditors reports 2008–2010 are available on request from the institute