Journal Papers (peer reviewed)

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Book Contributions (peer reviewed)


  • Kaufmann, B. (2007). Kaufmann, B. 2007. Cybernetic analysis of socio-biological systems – the case of livestock management in resource-poor environments, Series: Kommunikation und Beratung. Sozialwissenschaftliche Schriften zur Landnutzung und ländlichen Entwicklung, Vol. 81, Margraf Publishers, Weikersheim, Germany

Books edited

  • Hülsebusch, C. G. and Kaufmann, B. (eds.) (2002)
    Camel breeds and breeding in northern Kenya - An account of local camel breeds of northern Kenya and camel breeding management of Turkana, Rendille, Gabra, and Somali pastoralists
    Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya