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Training Maria holds a M.Sc. degree in Sustainable International Agriculture from the University of Kassel and University of Göttingen (2011). She studied Biology at Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia) in 2002, and made a specialization in Environmental Education in 2008 (Universidad Pontificie Bolivariana, Colombia). Maria defended her PhD thesis on "Collaborative learning to co-develop innovations with smallholder dairy farmer groups in Nakuru County, Kenya" at the University of Hohenheim in May 2017.
Career She has worked as researcher and consultant in interdisciplinary projects related with environmental education, participation and the sustainable use and management of strategic ecosystems in Colombia. She did her MSc thesis on “Assessment of community-based activities through the implementation of a participatory monitoring and evaluation system, Mozambique ”.
Research The topic of her PhD research is “Collaborative approaches to foster technical and organizational innovations aimed at the reduction of milk losses in Nakuru, Kenya ”. She conducts her PhD in the frame of the research project “ReLOAD: Reduction of Post Harvest Losses and Value Addition in East African Food Value Chains” funded by BMBF