Intern Trans-SEC project

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Training Deepak Tolange studied Media Studies at Kathmandu University for his undergraduate degree (2006-2010). In 2014, he was awarded a DAAD Masters scholarship to undertake an MA in Visual and Media Anthropology at Freie Univeristät, Berlin (2014-2016).
Career As a „visiting“ faculty member, he supported the undergraduate Media Studies program at Kathmandu University (2010-2013), worked as a photojournalist for the English language national daily-The Himalayan Times (2010-2011)- and also worked as as a freelance filmmaker during this time. In 2012, he co-ordinated of one of the biggest photo competitions and exhibitions in Nepal, organised by Photojournalist Club Nepal. Deepak is currently undertaking a six month internship at DITSL within the frame of Trans-SEC, providing support with academic research and conducting fieldwork in rural Tanzania with smallholder farmers.
Research As part of his internship with DITSL, Deepak is developing his interests in Participatory Action Research, collaborative learning and Participatory Video (PV). Deepak will facilitate PV workshops and co-produce videos with farmers in Tanzania as part of a critical reflection and feedback exercise. In 2016, Deepak explored Participatory Photography as a method to undertake research with child labourers in a brick factory in Nepal. His ethnographic film- DUST- formed part of his written MA thesis, entitled Seasonal Migration: Children Working in a Brick Kiln Areas in Nepal.
Experience abroad
From Nepal, Deepak is actively involved in art activities in Germany via Beyond Art (, which, through Deepak, recently organised a ‘Motivational Program’ for children in a Nepali brick factory. He has also collaborated with Humboldt Forum to make research-based short films, namely, Buddhist Shrine (2015), Buddhist Alter (2016) and Red Robes (2017). In 2016, he wrote a handbook, How to Prepare a Photo Story, for International Institute of Journalism Berlin-Brandenburg (IIJB). In 2015-2016, based on his concept, SATHI, a Berlin based organisation, developed a presentation program which was organised in six schools in Berlin. His presentation focused on the daily life and schooling of children in Nepal. As part of his internship with DITSL, Deepak will spend 3 months in Tanzania supporting field activities on the Trans-SEC project.