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List of selected publications


1975–2003: Professor of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Ecological Agricultural Sciences, University of Kassel, Witzenhausen.

1987–2005: Managing Director German Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture (DITSL) GmbH, Witzenhausen.

Professional Training

1956–1960: Apprenticeship training (2 years) for qualified farm labourer in Germany; Practical farm work in Francophone Switzerland (9 months); France (3 months) and England (3 months); Agricultural College Osnabrück, ( Staatlich Geprüfter Landwirt).

1961–1964: Graduate studies in agriculture, University of Göttingen, (Dipl.-Landwirt).

1964–1967: Research Fellow, “East Africa Programme”, Ifo-Institute for Economic Research, Munich; Farming systems research in Tanzania (15 months).

1966–1968: Post-Graduate studies and doctoral degree, University of Göttingen.

Professional Experience

1968–70: Agricultural Economist at the Agricultural Training and Research Institute (KATRIN), Ifakara/Tanzania: Planning and conduct of extension programmes and training courses for extension agents; Acting Project Manager.

1970–74: Senior Lecturer for Rural Development and Extension Methodology, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nairobi/Kenya.

1974/75: Chief Agronomist, Agrar- und Hydrotechnik Consulting GmbH, Essen; Planning of World Bank Projects for Integrated Rural Development in Liberia.

1975–2003: Faculty of Ecological Agricultural Sciences, University of Kassel: Organization and conduct of international seminars on different aspects of Rural Development in African and Asian countries (e.g. Ghana, Egypt, Indonesia).

1980/81, 1993, 1998/99: Dean of Faculty of Ecological Agricultural Sciences.

1987–2005: Managing Director DITSL, organization and conduct of training programmes for Third World professionals; Training of personnel for Dual Systems of Agricultural Education in Morocco and Indonesia.

International Consultancy

(1976): Evaluation of the "Promotion of Settlement Schemes in North Eastern Thailand"
Project and Planning of an "Extension Program for Pakchong District / Thailand" (for GTZ).

(1977): Pre-Feasibility Study for the Planning of a Project of “Integrated Rural Development” in Nimba County/Liberia (for Agrar- und Hydrotechnik, Essen).

(1978): Human Resources Survey for "Nuba Mountains Region Masterplan for Rural Development", Sudan (for Agrar- und Hydrotechnik, Essen).

(1979): Evaluation of the Project: "Consultancy to the Ministry of Agriculture Training Institute (MATI) in Nyegezi / Tanzania" (for BMZ/GTZ).

(1980): Project Identification Mission for the promotion of animal production in the Peoples' Republic of Benin (for GTZ).

(1980): Evaluation of the Project “Agricultural Technical Training Centre”, Raqqa / Syria (for BMZ / GTZ).

(1982): Cross-Sector Analysis, “Livestock Production and Veterinary Projects” in Upper Volta, Ivory Coast, Togo, Cameroon, Burundi and Kenya (for BMZ).

(1983) Evaluation of the "Soil Erosion Control and Agroforestry Project" and the "Integrated Livestock Development Project" in the Western Usambaras, Tanzania (for GTZ).

(1984): Feasibility Study for the planning of the "Rural Development Project, Chakkarat District", North Eastern Thailand (for GTZ).

(1984/85): Design of an extension system for the Pilot Phase of the Zarga River Basin Project, Jordan (for Agrar- und Hydrotechnik, Essen).

(1987): Feasibility Study for a Seed Multiplication Project in Madagascar (for ACE, Einbeck)

(1989): Evaluation of the Project "Department of Agricultural Engineering at the Agricultural University Hassan II, Rabat, Morocco (for GTZ).

(1991): Evaluation of the Project “Agricultural Technical Training Centre”, Raqqa / Syria (for BMZ / GTZ).

(1992): Evaluation of the Project "Conservation Tillage for Sustainable Agriculture" Zimbabwe (for GTZ).

(2001): Evaluation of the Programme: „Management von Land-, Wald- und Wasserressourcen in Laos, Kambodscha und Vietnam” (for DSE/ZEL).