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On 09 November 2022, the DITSL in Witzenhausen will host the kick-off event for the project "Provenance research on the East African collection of the Museum in Witzenhausen". The event introduces various perspectives on the project, including the scientific approach to the documentation and interpretation of the objects in the collection, the view of possible societies of origin on collections from colonial contexts, and its relevance in the political, academic and cultural debate on dealing with colonial heritage in the State of Hesse and Germany at large. The project is funded by the German Lost Art Foundation and the State of Hesse.

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DITSL is involved in the EU-funded Kazakhstan-Russia-Germany partnering SAGRIS project “Enhancement of Postgraduate Studies on Sustainable Agriculture and Future Farming Systems” and has the lead in developing a PhD Module 4 on “Transdisciplinary research methods for sustainable agriculture”, as well as contributes to the development of Module 3 „Advanced methods of scientific working“. Furthermore DITSL leads a Work Package on enhancing networking on doctoral research and education. The PhD Module 4 “Transdisciplinary research methods for sustainable agriculture“ consists of three subtopics:

  • Introduction into sustainability in agriculture and food systems
  • System approaches in agriculture: conceptual and theoretical foundations of socio-ecological and human activity system
  • Methods in transdisciplinary research


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On behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) the University of Kassel and DITSL Witzenhausen organise the

International Germany Alumni Seminar 2022:

Sustainable International Agricultural Value-Chains: Income and development perspectives for producers from the global south through access to high-price markets – the role of certification, quality management and marketing

13 - 19 January 2022 in Witzenhausen, Germany

followed by the

Participation in the International Green Week (IGW) 2022
International trade fair of the food, agriculture and gardening industries

20 - 25 January 2022 in Berlin, Germany

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